Book Description:

Wonderfully Made Wonderfully ME! Word Search Puzzle & Storybook is yet another fun and therapeutic extension of the original book, Wonderfully Made Wonderfully ME! Seek & Find Storybook. 


Each large print puzzle features key words from the colorful illustration and storyline beside it. The parent section explains five key benefits of how word puzzles can aid in memory, focus, vocabulary, and language skills. This section also offers techniques to incorporate that focus on language and speech skills, and the hand-over-hand method that is great for hand-eye-coordination and motor skills practice. Even if children are pre-k age or younger many of the techniques  focus on the alphabet, phonics, and picture recognition and will be a fun bonding experience as children and parents work together to find the words. 


The Word Search Storybook gives another opportunity to enjoy and share the rhyming story of a little boy, Ashton, born with Down syndrome. He will encourage and inspire children of all abilities and uniqueness as they feel an instant connection and love for him too. Children will discover that being unique is a positive gift, and we all are “wonderfully made!”  gives parents the opportunity to present and instill this in their children in a loving and celebratory way based on the scriptures Psalm 139:13-14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”The series is one of a kind and gives parents the opportunity to present and instill this in their children in a loving and celebratory way based on the scriptures Psalm 139:13-14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”


If you have a loved one in your life with Down syndrome it is sure to touch your heart and inspire you to share it with them. The series is a great gift for new parents and their children, and for sharing awareness on Down syndrome awareness holidays such as Down syndrome awareness month (October), World Down Syndrome Day (3-21), at yearly Buddy Walks, and with schools, churches, therapists and doctors.This also makes a great welcome and/or congratulation gift for new parent baskets made possible by local and national Down syndrome associations and societies.


48 Pages




Wonderfully Made Wonderfully ME! Word Search Puzzle & Storybook


    Dear Parents,

    Did you know studies have shown that word search and other puzzles can help improve memory, focus, vocabulary, language skills, and overall mental acuity?


    I have always loved any type of word puzzles, and I wanted to incorporate one into the series. I became curious if there were any possible cognitive, psychological or developmental benefits of working with letters and words in this way. What I found was very exciting. It then became a heartfelt mission of mine to focus on creating a word search to give our children a fun cognitive workout and help demonstrate how they may possibly benefit our children especially in language skills.


    Here are several ways your child may benefit from word search or other word puzzles:


    1.) Increases Vocabulary

    2.) Improves Spelling

    3.) Emphasizes Pattern Recognition 

    4.) Provides A Cognitive Workout

    5.) Releases Dopamine 


    Did you know that our children are visual learners and they learn best by demonstration and repetition, repetition, repetition? I have learned so many useful methods and techniques through my son’s four years of physical and speech therapy. I created this book with many of the therapy techniques in mind. Not only will this book elaborate on these 5 key areas of development, it will also give you practicle physical and fun speech, language, and pre-reading therapy ideas to utilize with your child as you enjoy the book togehter. The book will be sure to act as a fun therapy aid in these areas, but it will also provide a special bonding experience between you and your child.








  • Author does not guarantee nor can author be held liable for failure or success of therapy techniques or the cognitive, psychological, motor, and speech benefits claimed in this book or series. Each person is different and the outcomes will be specific to each individual and their own capabilities. Author’s basis for including these aspects in the book are based on research, her son’s personal experience with the techniques and therapies, and the knowledge and instructions that the author has obtained from speech, occupational, physical, and sensory therapists over the years of her son’s therapy sessions.