Book Description:

Wonderfully Made Wonderfully ME! Calendar & Reward Chart is an inspiritional calendar and reward system. Each month's illustration features an inspirational quote and the little boy, Ashton, who was born with Down syndrome from the original book Wonderfully Made Wonderfully Me! Seek & Find Storybook. 


It may be difficult for some children to process cues, verbal explanations, tasks, or behaviors that are expected of them. Visual aids often help children with Autism or other different abilities better understand what is being said or expected. Combining a visual aid and a visual reward system can be very beneficial and even help cut down frustrations for the child. This helps both children and parents to keep a positive mind set and focus on what is expected or what the task is instead of focus being on what they aren’t expected to do. 


Positive attention and praise are the most effective rewards for good behavior, introducing new tasks or milestones, and achieving accomplishments because they reinforce the good behavior/concept on the spot and help a child make the connection between what you are saying and what they’ve just done. Extra pages in the back offer more chances to log special moments and achievements for each month. This reward chart will help you and your child make progress together and offer inspiration along the way! 


The series is one of a kind. If you have a loved one in your life with Down syndrome it is sure to touch your heart and inspire you to share it with them. The series is a great gift for new parents and their children, and for sharing awareness on Down syndrome awareness holidays such as Down syndrome awareness month (October), World Down Syndrome Day (3-21), at yearly Buddy Walks, and with schools, churches, therapists and doctors. This also makes a great welcome and/or congratulation gift for new parent baskets made possible by local and national Down syndrome associations and societies.


42 Pages




2018 Wonderfully Made Wonderfully ME! Calendar & Reward Chart