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My Little Sunshine Face is a one of a kind, baby, keepsake and memory scrapbook. The book features a heart -warming poem dedicated to celebrating children born with Down syndrome, their contagious sunshine, and being "wonderfully made!" (Psalm 139:14)


The book and cover allow parents to illustrate the book by scrapbooking their baby’s keepsake pictures throughout. Pages are decorated scrapbook style in cheery unisex colors and verses of the poem. The poem delivers a "Congratulations on your new baby!"and a  timeless story. The parent’s pictures showcase their baby’s sunshine, and together they capture cherished moments and the precious physical features their newborn baby possesses: tiny single palmar creases, kissable sandal feet, beautiful almond shaped eyes, and a contagious smile that will inspire the nickname... My Little Sunshine Face! 


The series is one of a kind. It is the only baby memory scrapbook on the market that is dedicated to and celebrates our children born with Down syndrome. If you have a loved one in your life with Down syndrome it is sure to touch your heart and inspire you to share it with them. The is a great gift for expectant or new parents of children born with a little something "extra" who you want to help celebrate their new little sunshine! It is also great for sharing awareness on Down syndrome awareness holidays such as Down syndrome awareness month (October), World Down Syndrome Day (3-21), at yearly Buddy Walks, and with schools, churche, therapists and doctors. This also makes a great welcome and/or congratulation gift for new parent baskets made possible by local and national Down syndrome associations and societies.


This is a great, fun craft/scrapbooking project! It can be made into a more elaborate scrapbook with separating the pages, adding page protectors, more decorations, adding your own pages. and/or expand by adding VOLUME 2: Letters To My Little Sunshine Face. Volume 2 allows you to journal cherished memories, milestones, and thoughts, offers places to scrapbook pictures, and provides a second poem and story to share with your child.



My Little Sunshine Face - Baby Memory Story Scrapbook (Vol. 1)

  • Ten little fingers

    Ten little toes..

    Beautiful almond shaped eyes

    And a little button nose!


    You have your mommy's hair

    And your daddy's eyes..

    How can life's BIGGEST gift 

    Come in such a precious size?!


    Newborn plamer creases

    On two tiny hands..

    My life was blessed 

    The day your's began.


    Your first contaious smile

    Within hours of being born..

    A foreshaowing of your sunshine 

    And how much you'd be adorn.


    As those little almond eyes 

    Look up I can see..

    "Mommy it's nice to meet you!

    Is it nice to meet me?"


    "Oh my miracle,

    My Little Sunshine Face..

    I've waited nine months to feel this embrace!"


    "You're PERFECT from your head

    To your little sandal feet.

    You couldn't make me feel any more AMAZING

    Or make me feel any more complete!"


    "You illustrate God's handiwork 

    In Every single way.

    You my little angel 

    Are wonderfully made!"


    Author: Brandi Albritton-Berkhimer (c) May4, 2015